WoW takes ‘inappropriate referrals’ after harassment reports


WoW: The team of World of Warcraft, Blizzard’s successful MMORPG, promised changes to the team and to the game itself in response to reports of harassment and inappropriate workplace culture in the company’s offices.

After opening a lawsuit against these behaviors, a disastrous response from executives and a petition from employees asking for more energetic measures, the developer promised changes inside and outside the game – both in the form of changes in the local climate and in the treatment of all contributors as elements of the title itself.

“As we guide our team in the direction of internal work to protect marginalized groups and hold those who threatened them accountable, we also want to take immediate action in Azeroth to remove references that are not appropriate for our universe. such changes in both Shadowlands and WoW Classic in the coming days,” the statement said.

What was taken?

Despite not having explained what the changes are, the Kotaku website has at least one suspicion: that the current creative director of the game, Alex Afrasiabi, will have the name taken from the game.

He was one of the most cited figures in Activision Blizzard’s harassment cases, with a number of examples of how he behaved reprehensibly towards women in the office, including inappropriate physical contact. In addition, the testimonies report that the company’s leadership was fully aware of these attitudes after complaints and public demonstrations, without taking any action against them.

“We know that, to regain trust, we must do this with action in the coming months and weeks. sexual orientations and experiences can flourish and call home”, concludes the company in the statement.


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