WoW Shadowlands: Learn all about Maldraxxus


As the release of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands approaches, more we will discover about its incredible stories and characters. After exploring the arts of the Ardennes forests and immersing ourselves in the lore of Revendreth, we now had the opportunity to get to know the Maldraxxus region better, a kingdom tailored for those who enjoy good fighting!

At the invitation of Blizzard, we chatted with Steve Danuser, the lead narrative designer for World of Warcraft, who kindly explained what we can expect from Maldraxxus when the expansion launches on October 26, 2020 on computers around the world!

The fight goes on

At its peak, Maldraxxus assembled very respectable immortal armies. For countless ages, their haughty forces have inspired respect, serving as guardians and the main line of defense of the afterlife in the Dark Lands. But when you play, you will see Maldraxxus as a divided land, as its main houses are fighting each other and trying to seize power.

In part, this is because the souls that the Judge considers to be the owners of an unparalleled determination are sent to Maldraxxus, capable of turning around in a place where fights are constant and only the strongest survive. It is a land full of pestilent puddles and piled bones, with abominations, liches, warriors and apparitions helping to set the tone of the battlefields. Betrayals and power games are a constant here.


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