WOW receives new patch with performance and stability improvements


World of Warcraft released today (13) another stability and performance update to ensure that fans of Blizzard’s epic MMORPG continue to have the best possible performance. With that, the latest patch notes have already been released and clarify what we can expect from the game:

As far as achievements are concerned, new Achievements have been added for upgrading all four Pact sanctuaries for tiers 1, 2 and 3, and Anima’s rewards also improve as you unlock those achievements.

For those who like to play PvP as Subtlety Rogue, the talent Dagger in the Dark has been nerfed and now increases its Shadowstrike damage by 5% instead of 10%, and targets are affected over a distance of 12 yards, not more than 20 yards.

Finally, the prisoners found in Nazjatar’s Fortunate Souls mission ran back after their captors. It was just these changes for now, so update your game to make sure it continues to run as smoothly as possible! What did you think of the latest Shadowlands expansion? Comment below!


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