WoW Classic Burning Crusade wants to save its success


When Blizzard launched World of Warcraft Classic in 2019, the gaming world stopped to revisit one of the most acclaimed MMORPGs in history. The producer intends to repeat the dose with the arrival of the free Burning Crusade expansion to WOW Classic, as announced at the BlizzConline 2021 fair.

To better understand what to expect from the return of the first major expansion of WOW, we had the opportunity to chat with John Hight, its executive producer, and with Brian Birmingham, the chief software engineer, and you can check out the best moments of our chat follow!

The launch of WOW Classic was one of Blizzard’s biggest recent hits, and it became a fever for quite a while. Will Burning Crusade be able to repeat the dose?

John Hight: “We are super excited, because, as you well pointed out, we literally broke some records when the WOW Classic was released! It certainly exceeded our expectations, it was almost like the first release, so the team worked very hard to achieve high demand from players.

It’s amazing to have Burning Crusade coming back since, for many people, this may have been their first experience with WOW! So I think we will have a very large audience, probably with the return of some people who stopped playing Classic in the last few months too, but we are ready to receive you all! ”

What aspect of Burning Crusade do you think is cooler and do you think fans should look forward to it?

Brian Birmingham: “I would say it is the incredible locations of the game, with its flying islands and a style unlike anything we’ve ever done, because this is something incredible to experience for the first time!

But of course we also have a lot of content focused on dungeons, in case you want to play with your friends or even meet some new people! In fact, this was also the first time that we put the Heroic Dungeons, so that you can select the most appropriate level of difficulty. “


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