Woven from Platoon 3 opens the Door for More Creative Melee weapons

Since the inception of games, Nintendo has always expanded the boundaries of creativity in this environment. From creating bold new worlds in the first Super Mario Bros. Before experimenting with new technologies such as Virtual Boy, Nintendo had always put creativity at the forefront of its business philosophy, and that hasn’t changed in the last few decades. modified. After the release of the Nintendo Switch in 2017, Nintendo’s choices have become even more vibrant, vibrant and creative than ever, and Splatoon 3 is just the latest example of that.
The release of Splatoon 3 is scheduled for September 9. This is the third installment of Nintendo’s favorite competitive shooter series. The first Splatoon, released back in 2015, immediately stood out from the competition. While most competitive shooters preferred a dull, dark, military setting, Splatoon distinguished itself with a bright visual style, incorporating bright colors directly into the main gameplay. From maps to general style, Splatoon is one of Nintendo’s most creative series, and the new Splatoon 3 weapon seems to push that creativity further.
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Splatoon 3 should have more creative melee weapons

Just a few days ago, Nintendo held a live broadcast dedicated exclusively to Splatoon 3. Although fans had a good idea of what to expect based on the last few trailers, this live broadcast answered almost all questions about the game, as well as revealed some new information. about every aspect of the game, from the story mode and Salmon Run to maps and settings. One of the most interesting segments of Splatoon 3 Direct was devoted to the extensive collection of weapons in the game, some of which return from past parts, and some of them are completely new.
One of Direct’s standout weapons was the Splatana, a type of melee weapon modeled after the iconic Japanese katana sword. There are currently two confirmed Splatana variants: Splatana Wiper and Splatana Stamper. Splatana Wiper sends a fast wave of ink at the enemy every time the trigger is pulled, while Splatana Stamper is slightly slower but more powerful, releasing more ink with each blow. Since both of these weapons have a very limited range, this makes them an ideal melee weapon.
Overall, there aren’t many melee weapons in the Splatoon series. Although paint rollers and brushes exist, each of these types of weapons is still mainly used to spread ink around the environment, rather than for direct collision with opponents up close. The new Splatana weapon type could open the door for more creative melee weapons in Splatoon 3, focused solely on destroying enemies at close range. For example, one of these melee weapons may be some kind of forward-pointing umbrella with an ink sprayer that uses Splatana’s creativity and works with it.
Based on the released trailers, it seems that Splatoon 3 maps are ideal for close combat, with a number of claustrophobic paths and tunnels implemented on most of the new maps. Being covered from above, players will need to fight their opponents in these narrow corridors, which inevitably leads to some melee scenarios. While Splatoon 3’s extensive arsenal provides players with the means to fight their inklings opponents in melee combat, some more creative types of melee weapons could make these fights even more intense while maintaining the game’s vibrant and eccentric tone.
The release of Splatoon 3 for the Nintendo Switch is scheduled for September 9.


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