Wout Weghorst’s Sky Sports Simulator Sticks Out Like a Sore Thumb


The proverb says: “There is nothing better than the real thing.” However, Sky Sports didn’t seem to take that saying to heart when Manchester United met Crystal Palace.

Instead, a well-known sports broadcaster has attracted an unconvincing doppelganger for the new giant who signed with United, Vaught Weghorst (via The Daily Mail).

By tradition, Sky Sports displays the starting line-up of each team on the screen.

However, anyone who has seen the Manchester United starting line-up would have noticed that something is wrong with Weghorst, the last signing of a contract with United.

The head belonged to a big forward, but the body was noticeably shorter than the player. Weghorst has an impressive figure, 6 feet 6 inches tall.

The body double barely looked 6 feet tall.

Weghorst also prefers Adidas when it comes to choosing shoes. On the other hand, the doppelganger was wearing Nike sneakers.

This mistake confused United officials, as they provided Sky with all the necessary assets in advance.

In response to the revelation, Skye says the images should be taken by themselves. Apparently, time did not allow.

Sky Sports declined to reveal whose body they were using. Given the glaring height difference, some joked that it could have been Juan Mata.

Idiom: burned on milk – blows on water
Weghorst’s double returned even before the Red Devils’ defeat by Arsenal.

All eyes will be on whether United can recover from the Gunners’ defeat when they face Nottingham in the League Cup.

Many others will be waiting to see if Weghorst’s doppelganger appears again.

United will play Nottingham Forest at the City Ground tonight at 20:00 GMT.


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