‘Wounds and bruises’: Katie Price had a bike accident


Katie Price (44 years old) will probably have to take a break from her favorite sport for a while! The It girl has caused a lot of confusion with her tumultuous relationship over the past few months: at first it was said that she and her boyfriend Carl Woods were said to have broken up. But they say it was just a misunderstanding. To take a break from all the headlines, the British reality TV star spends a lot of time riding horses. But now Katie has fallen off her horse.

In her Instagram story, a 44-year-old woman shared a recording of her accident. “Although I am a very experienced rider, I fell off my horse twice tonight,” Katie captioned the video. The animal got scared and started kicking — then the horse, they say, refused to jump and started kicking, as the blonde explained. Katie was wearing appropriate protective gear, but was injured: “I was wearing a bulletproof vest and a hat, but I feel pain and bruises.”

Horse riding for a mother of five children is more than a hobby. In May, she posted a post on her Instagram profile in which she touches on a serious topic. Katie told her fans that four-legged friends help her in terms of her mental problems: “Weekly therapy helps me, but being with my horses and the feeling of being in nature gives me the routine and peace I need . . .”


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