Ferida: Meet The New Netflix Movie With Halle Berry


The film Ferida premiered last Wednesday (24) on Netflix and has been in the top 10 of streaming since its release. Starring and directed by Halle Berry, the plot follows an MMA fighter who tries to reconcile the dramas of her personal life with the challenges in the ring.

Before coming to Netflix, Ferida played on the festival circuit and received critical acclaim for Berry’s potent performance. The feature also marks the debut of the actress in the director’s chair.

The plot

The film follows Jackie Justice, a former MMA fighter who needs to get back to her life after ten years away from the sport. It all starts when Jackie is at the peak of her career, taking her tenth consecutive victory in competition. In her last fight in Las Vegas, however, she runs away and never comes back.

Ten years after the incident, Jackie works as a day laborer and lives a life isolated from everyone else. With a new proposal to return to the rings, she tries to recompose her career and, mainly, her life. Everything takes on even more strength when the child, who was abandoned by her as a baby, comes back and resumes contact with the mother.

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With another chance, Jackie must reconcile her attempt to connect with her son and training to get back into the sport.

The cast includes Hally Berry (Emergency Call), Adan Canto (X-Men: Days of a Forgotten Future), Shamier Anderson (Awake), Sheila Atim (The Underground Railroad), Lela Loren (Power), Stephen McKinley Henderson (Dune ) and Valentina Shevchenko (real-life MMA fighter).


During the film’s promotion, Halle Barry confessed that she was too scared to direct the film, but stressed that everything went well. In parts. During the filming of the film, the actress broke two ribs while filming a fight scene with Shevchenko.

“I didn’t want to stop because I had been preparing for a long time. We had rehearsed and were ready. So my mind, and the mind as a director, just said to keep going. And I held it, and kept going. I had come too far and acted like it didn’t hurt. I will strive to overcome that and so we did,” she told Variety.

Ferida is now available on the Netflix catalogue.