Would you buy a transparent OLED TV?


The world of televisions is the most interesting and there are many things that you must take into account if you want to renew the one you have in your living room. Of course, the curved screen OLEDs are the ones that interest you the most if the renovation is total and you aim for the highest, but you may not know the latest plans of the Chinese company Xiaomi. And it is that the fans of the brand will be happy to know that the firm is progressing in this segment where it has presented the new Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition.

This is Xiaomi transparent television

Everyone knows Xiaomi as a multidisciplinary brand capable of bringing a wide range of products to the market. With his name you can find everything from suitcases, through raincoats to mobile phones, but today we bring you a novelty with which the firm celebrates its 10 years in style. And it is that today Xiaomi has presented nothing less than its Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition.

Not long ago we talked about the arrival of televisions from the Chinese house, but this one stands out for providing many products within the same segment. You just have to see the segment of smartphones, and now you want to do it in the image and sound part. The project is intended for all those who want the latest of the latest thanks to the TOLED technology that the firm has used.

This implementation starts from the most basic concept of OLED panels in which each diode emits its own light. In this case the components are transparent, so everything that is placed behind the device will be fully visible. At least in part, since the glass between the frames is of a somewhat darker color, so you will know that there is a television there.

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Regarding its specifications, we find a panel that measures no less than 55 inches and has a refresh rate of 120 Hz. In addition, the response rate of the image is really low, so you will not have a problem viewing no content. It also has its own artificial intelligence, the AI ​​Master Smart Engine, and the MediaTek 9650 chip that will be in charge of interpreting each image intelligently.


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