Would my hero academy have been more interesting if Deku had remained causeless?


My Hero Academy is the king of senen anime these days, and for many good reasons, but looking back at the beginning of the series, one can think about what could have been. For example, what if Deku never inherits superpowers and remains without a quirk?

In the world of My Hero, 80% of the world’s population has some kind of superpower, big or small, and Izuku Midoria is part of a minority who doesn’t have it, which really sucks. However, having shown his heroism, his idol the Almighty, who is slowly losing his power, decides to give it to the young Midorii. Anyone who got into the series after five seasons, three feature films and a lot of promotional materials and viral clips probably knows this. However, for those who entered the game at the very beginning, when “My Hero” was a little-known franchise among anime fans, the initial snag was that Deku did not have the strength. It’s funny to think how quickly things have changed.

Thematic reasons

“My Hero Academy” is a series about passing the torch, something typical of stories in which young people are taught to succeed in their elders, but Deku’s case is special. For most of the first three seasons, he keeps a secret about the state of the Almighty and that the world’s greatest hero is on his last legs.

Deku does not awaken to the force and stumbles upon it, but rather is chosen to inherit it based on the strength of his character. The rise of one coincides with the fall of the other, and this will serve well as a story about responsibility and heroism. He even matches the antagonist.

Tomura Shigaraki, unlike Deku, was born with a quirk, but a dangerous one that left him alone and isolated from others until the villain intervened. The hero and the villain of this story are connected by how their connections with their idols have made them stronger.

Controversial flaws

Even when Deku acquired his powers, he could not use them effectively because of the risk of harming himself, which he did until season 3. he has to use his intelligence more.

However, by the end of the fifth season, Deku not only used “One for All” in several universal ways, but also discovered a new power from the kind of heroes before him who inherited this power. While there’s nothing wrong with senen heroes having multiple abilities, the added set of abilities can distract attention from the actual progress Deku has made as a character.

What if…?

If Deku became a hero without inheriting quirks, it would certainly make rewriting easier, but could it be done effectively? Absolutely! And, to be honest, the series already confirms that Deku can be a great hero even without an absurd superpower One For All.

First, Deku’s intelligence already gives them an advantage in considering countermeasures against the quirks of others. Also, if he still goes through the same physical training in this alternate timeline, he will have sufficient physical capabilities with the possibility of growth. Of course, natural strength alone will not be enough.

Or at least not completely, given that characters like Bakugo and Todoroki can suffer a lot without technically having superpowers. Maybe people with quirks are just naturally able to accept punishment, or maybe people in the world have evolved to become stronger. Again, this is anime, so maybe this is just standard procedure.

Even if Deku is physically fit, with the potential for further growth over five seasons, they need something more. Fortunately, there is already one character who perfectly demonstrates how Deku can become the greatest hero in the world without quirks.

Mei Hatsume, Prototype

May is an infectious excitable student of class 1-H, versed in engineering and by the end of the fifth season had created several useful gadgets that helped the heroes. It is she who designs Deku’s Air Force gloves and soles for his shoes, which helped him in more acrobatic “One for All” applications.

She’s not much of a fighter by herself, but her experience helps Deck and the other characters use their quirks much more effectively. It goes without saying that her gifts can be used to create technologies that will benefit those who do not have quirks, and not just improve those who already have them.

Although perhaps not at the same power level, all of the Deck’s individual abilities could be augmented with technology. It would be easy to imagine a variant of his Air Force gloves with built-in air blast properties, rather than just channeling his existing force.

Moreover, imagine how effective practical exercises with such heroes as Eraser Head and Gran Torino could be, even without One For All.


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