Worst Roommate Ever: Netflix’s Shocking New Real Criminal Series


Worst Roommate Ever, also known in Spanish as Los Peores de Casa del Mundo, joins the new trend of productions presented on screen in the format of miniseries and docuseries based on real life events. This type of story has positioned itself in the taste of subscribers to international streaming platforms, especially after the recent success that Netflix has achieved in record time with the latest titles on similar themes.

Regarding this way of telling a story, those that refer to the criminal world stand out, whether they are scams and deceptions such as the famous Inventing Anna interpreted by talented artists from the entertainment industry, or those that present their true protagonists in the case of the Swindler. from Tinder. On this occasion, Netflix goes a step further by incorporating Worst Roommate Ever into its catalog of options.

Premiered on March 1 as a Netflix original production, Worst Roommate Ever, The Worst Housemates in the World, was presented as a docuseries whose 5 episodes titled Call me Grandma, Be careful with the quiet ones, The marathon runner and Roommate wanted. fourth (1 and 2), they already indicated from the beginning that it would be a production that would stand out from the rest, as in fact it has been doing it with comments for and against a few days after its screen debut.

Initially inspired by the case of the famous serial killer Dorothea Puente and starring John Cabrera, the docuseries also develops the events of three other criminal cases that are different and unrelated to each other. They all have an important common denominator and that is that they occurred in situations of shared housing, such as a shared house or sublet, hence the title of the program.

In the opinion of the viewers, the stir that Worst Roommate Ever has caused in such a short time is due to the fact that it deals with seemingly normal, harmless and even pleasant people who, in the eyes of the viewer, reveal themselves as beings full of evil. The Worst Housemates in the World shows that serial killers, delinquents and many criminal types, may be closer to us than we imagine.

Occupying the Top 10 of the most watched series on Netflix and with mixed reviews, Worst Roommate Ever begins with the most notorious case of the group and the main inspiration for creating the series, that of Dorothea Puente. Dorothea was a woman who in the 1980s, with the image of a tender old woman, managed a pension for the elderly or people with mild mental disorders, until one of her guests disappeared.

Another case that the docuseries shows tells the story of Jamison Bachman, a scammer who committed his crimes under the figure of an illegal occupant, used false identities to deceive unsuspecting tenants and change their lives. Also Worst Roommate Ever presents the case of Youssef Khater, a man who pretended to be a marathon runner to do her misdeeds and, finally, the unfortunate case of Maribel Ramos who became her roommate’s obsession with tragic consequences.