The worst news for Queen Elizabeth II on her 94th birthday


The Queen’s birthday celebrations are drawing near.

The UK anxiously awaits a particular date year after year. Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday is a convening event throughout the town.

This time, for her 94th birthday, the monarch’s celebration will be minimal, due to the mandatory quarantine that we have to respect around the world. Due to these unfortunate events that we are forced to go through from different points, several were the suspended celebrations.

Inside the Castle, the marriage of Princess Beatriz had to be postponed. In this case, Queen Elizabeth had to suspend her own event to protect the health of all members of the Royal Family.

The Queen Mother is known to be a woman of manners. At the date, organize every detail so that the celebration is unique. Every year she orders the same cake, from the same chef and calls the most faithful to accompany it.

Next April 21 will be the day of the celebration which, for the first time, will be minimal. Former Queen’s cook Darren Mc Grady revealed that one of her favorite desserts is chocolate cake. Like her grandson, Prince William, they are outspoken fans of the sweet.

The inevitable cake of each year is a very special recipe for the entire Royal Family. It is a chocolate cake whose original recipe is over 100 years old and dates back to the time of Queen Victoria, great-grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II . The Genoese-type sponge cake is made of sugar, flour, egg, butter and covered with a chocolate ganache. Decorated with seasonal fruit, the dessert is a birthday classic and was chosen by Prince William at his wedding.


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