The World’s Youngest Astronaut Designed a Space Suitcase


Alyssa Carson, one of the astronauts who will join the first Mars journey that NASA plans to complete in 2033, has designed a smart space suitcase with Horizn Studios.

Alyssa Carson, the world’s youngest astronaut living in the city of Baton Rouge in the USA, continues her education. The 18-year-old worked with the smart travel products brand Horizn Studios to design the world’s first space suitcase.

The suitcase called Horizn ONE is made of carbon fiber, which makes it more flexible, stronger and lighter than the suitcases ever developed. Thanks to its electromagnetic base, the suitcase can be fixed on the floor or walls of the spacecraft for easy access in a gravity-free environment.

Horizn ONE also provides the ability to charge electronic devices wirelessly. In addition, its smart screen allows astronauts to share videos with their loved ones on Earth. The suitcase also has a vacuuming function to ensure maximum storage efficiency.

Working in the design of the suitcase, Alyssa Carson is one of the candidates to join the first Mars journey planned to be realized in 2033 and aims to be the first person to step into Mars. The young astronaut could be one of the pioneers of NASA’s goal of colonizing Mars. The price of the suitcase concept designed for space travel is expected to be around $ 50,000.


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