The World’s Strongest Man Organization Brings Competition to Snapchat


The World’s Strongest Man organization brought the competition to Snapchat. Eight strong names compete fiercely in competitions that will last for 11 weeks. The winning contestants earn $ 10000 cash prize by users’ rating.

World’s Strongest Man, which organizes international sports competitions based on strength and endurance, has released its first Snapchat series. In the online competition, the strongest men in the world compete in two rounds.

World’s Strongest Man: Home Edition competition series started as of yesterday and will be broadcast for 11 weeks. New episodes are added every Monday on Snapchat. The new episodes are on Snapchat’s Discover page. The contest will keep participants fit before the 2020 World’s Strongest Man contest to take place in November.

Eight of the world’s most popular strong names in the competition take part in the power race for two rounds. Each encounter consists of a predetermined force action such as deadlift, overhead press, farmer’s walk. Competitors do each exercise with items such as a sofa, car or pet. Fans can vote for competitors at the end of each episode based on performance and creativity.

At the end of the two rounds, the first two competitors go to the fan vote to get the $ 10,000 prize awarded by the World’s Strongest Man organization. The competition is presented by Eddie Hall, the 2017 World’s Most Powerful Man champion. Contestants include Eddie Williams, Robert Oberst, Rob Kearney, Luke Stoltman, Adam Bishop, Nick Best, Rongo Keene and Evan Singleton.

Following the 2020 World’s Strongest Man contest and the qualifying rounds on 11-12 November, it was announced that it will take place on 14-15 November on Anna Maria Island in Florida. Contestants will continue to keep fit thanks to this event they attend from home. IMG and Film 45 produced the World’s Strongest Man: Home Edition.


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