World’s Smallest Camping Vehicle: KIA Ray Ravy


Those who will modify a vehicle for camping usually prefer large cars or direct vans. A Korean expert draws attention by choosing a very small tool.

We are used to the production of camping vehicles in different sizes for different requests. Some of the camping vehicles, which resemble a house loaded in a safe, sometimes focus on using the very small area as efficiently as possible.

Daon TNT, one of the moto-house experts of South Korea, which stands out with its minimalist lifestyle, decided that camping vehicles should also shrink for a smaller carbon footprint and designed a vehicle. This vehicle is even smaller than the two-door Mini Cooper but can sleep up to four people.

A tiny Kia

The vehicle designed by Daon TNT was called Ravy, while basically Kia’s Ray model, which is only available in South Korea, was used. This vehicle, which is quite small on its own, is only 3,595 mm long and 1,595 mm high. The wheelbase is 2,520 mm.

Although the dimensions of the vehicle are very small, Daon TNT seems to have made a successful arrangement in general. The team somehow managed to fit in such a small space a kitchenette, a bed, an electricity supply and storage space for camping equipment. In addition, it is possible to access every part of the vehicle with sliding side doors and an overhead rear door.

Inside the vehicle, there are also LED interior lights, switchable heating and a power supply battery. Although it’s a tiny car, the Ravy has a very high ceiling. With the front seats in their normal position, the rear of the vehicle looks like a seat. There is also a sliding kitchen here.

Small engine big feat

The engine of the vehicle is quite small. Kia Ray, which has a 1-liter engine, provides 75 horsepower. Still, it does not eliminate the facilities provided by this tool for camping. Considering that the original design was made for urban short-distance use, the vehicle has quite enough power.

You can see the details of this interesting and cute camping vehicle with your own eyes in the video below. Would you like to go camping with such a vehicle?


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