The World’s Most Powerful Supercomputer Is Used For Corona Virus Research


Research continues around the world for the treatment of the Corona virus. IBM’s supercomputer, IBM Summit, participates in corona virus studies in the USA. IBM Summit is looking for proteins that can bind to the corona virus.

Known as the world’s most powerful supercomputer, IBM Summit is now taking part in the fight against the corona virus outbreak. IBM Summit is used by researchers to identify compounds that can be used to combat the corona virus.

IBM Summit allows researchers to take long calculations in a very short time. Supercomputer can complete the analysis that will take months with standard calculation methods in 1-2 days. Thanks to this research study with supercomputer, 77 compounds that can be investigated in more detail were determined. These compounds will be examined more deeply for the treatment of the corona virus.

IBM Summit is located at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) of the U.S. Department of Energy. IBM’s supercomputer performs important computing tasks in areas such as energy, health and artificial intelligence. The supercomputer simulates thousands of compounds to discover the protein that has the potential to bind to the corona virus, which is now affecting many countries in the world.

Jeremy Smith, Director of the Molecular Biophysics Center at ORNL, where the supercomputer is located, states that hope should be made about the progress achieved with the supercomputer but expectations should not be kept high.

One or more of 77 compounds identified in the analysis by IBM Summit may play an important role in the treatment of corona virus. In the ongoing studies, studies will be made to use these compounds in the treatment of corona virus.


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