World’s most visited Internet sites! Here is the list


Websites have significantly doubled the number of visitors, especially during the quarantine period. With the scope of the Global Statshot Report 2020 research, the world’s most visited websites have been determined. Besides, do you know that around 2 million users join social media networks a day and that these social media platforms host more than 4 billion people already established?

World’s most visited websites

Social networks enable people to socialize, learn and have fun. According to researches, people spend 15 percent of their time when they are awake on these platforms. Not only social media networks are just as popular, but Internet adverts as well, according to a new report published in collaboration with Hootsuite and We Are Social.

The report reveals the daily visitor statistics of the Internet sites. In order to include many variables in the list, the average of these variables is taken. In the report, which includes visits in September and October, the figures are quite high.


As you can imagine, the most visited website is It is followed by YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia, Amazon, Instagram, Yahoo, Pornhub, Reddit, Xvideos. In the other part of the list that includes variables such as page view, unique visitor; Twitterr,, Xnxx, Yandex, Live, Globo, Fandom, VK, Microsoft and Naver are the top 20 sites.


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