World’s First ‘Virtual Citizen’ Introduced: Introducing Marija

Marija - the first Maltese virtual citizen

Malta Ministry of Tourism and Consumer Protection introduced Marija, a virtual citizen, breaking new ground in the world. Marija will guide tourists coming to the country through the application.

In this period when the world is getting ready to meet the future of the metaverse, digital initiatives in many countries continue one after another, she. These initiatives, which take place in the private or public sector, also include virtual characters. An example of this in our country is the virtual influencer Aypera, while Malta took the digital character issue one step further.

Malta, which is the center of attention of international tourists during the holiday period, has officially introduced its digital citizen named ‘Marija’. Introduced by the Ministry of Tourism and Consumer Protection, Marija was the first step in the country’s virtual citizenship program, which brings together the possibilities of artificial intelligence and the metaverse.

Marija will guide the tourists:

Maltese Marija will virtually guide the tourists coming to the country with comprehensive information about the historical and cultural values ​​of Malta, which she will incorporate. Marija will also continue to constantly improve herself. In order for Marija to speak with perfect pronunciation and have a rich vocabulary, a special dictionary system was created for her.

Marija will be able to interact with people in real time, answer questions and make jokes on the apps. Marija, which is basically the combination of voice assistant systems with three-dimensional characters, became the first virtual citizen of the world.