World’s first unlimited access film festival introduced


A promotional meeting was held for the International Migration Film Festival, which will be held online in June. At the digitally held meeting, Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu answered questions from members of the press and gave information about the world’s first unlimited access film festival.

International Migration Film Festival was introduced

International Migration Films Festival, the world’s first unlimited access film festival, will be held between 14-21 June.

As a festival center, the website was positioned as the main medium for all events. Many content from online movie tickets to exhibition invitations will be available on the festival website.

The festival, where more than 50 films will be screened; it will host hundreds of local and foreign filmmakers, press members, participants from non-governmental organizations and academicians. Film screenings at the festival will take place as in a regular festival, with the calendar announced in advance. The jury, which will feature the leading international and national masters of the cinema industry, will meet to identify the best films and scripts.

Famous names from all over the world will share their experiences throughout the festival. A limited number of people can attend; Special Masterclass events, where the director and the actor will convey their experiences, will be one of the most enjoyable moments of the festival. Throughout the festival, workshops with expert names in the field, panels will be held with cinema professionals and sectoral guests.

As part of the festival, there will also be special exhibitions that everyone can visit. Some of them will be about immigration and some will be about the historical places of the world and special exhibitions will be held with VR glasses. The concerts to be held will be broadcast on YouTube.

26,000 euro prize contest

The last five years have been awarded films in major festivals in the world and Turkey; It will compete in two categories: International Feature Film and International Feature Film. As a result of the competition; “Best Feature Film” will be awarded 15.000 euro, Best Feature Film “and” Inspirational Scenario “will be awarded 5.000 euro prize money. In addition, another short film competition, which will be held under the name of “The Same Ship- SameBoat”, will be awarded the first place with an award of 1.000 euro.

The festival will discover the riches of the world through immigration

Speaking about the festival organized under the auspices of the Presidency with the contributions of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu said:

“There is migration today. Immigration is always there. It exists in language, in mind, in culture, supposedly, in love. Unfortunately in recent years, we have been talking about the drama, tragedy, distress and tears of migration. So many immigrants were born, so many immigrants were caught. So many immigrants were sent to their homes. However, there is a real life. In fact, we scare ourselves. We advise humanity that has been emigrating for thousands of years to close its doors, not to see anyone, not to hear anyone, I think we make mistakes. ”

Stating that it is time to explain the emotion, art, how people fuse and enrich civilizations, Soylu said, “Since migration has existed for thousands of years, and since it has contributed to our lives, then let’s put the drama and pain of migration aside and tell the beauties of migration, the contribution of culture to art. Let’s explain it with art. ”

Underlining that the migration issue is not only originating from the Middle East and Asia, Minister Soylu said, “We encounter the citizens of countries we do not know from Africa in the boats carrying illegal immigrants we caught in the Aegean. There is a different migration drama in South America. The migration that existed throughout history has labeled the 21st century as a character. Migration is not just a case that will be carried out on passports and residence permits. It is not an issue to be solved by just a few mechanical arrangements by catching illegal immigrants. 21st century civilization did not give a good test at this point. First of all, people’s lives are at stake here. ”

F. Murray Abraham, the honorary president of the festival, attended the introductory meeting with a video. Oscar and Golden Globe award-winning Abraham stated that the festival featured films addressing the immigration experience. In addition, films produced, produced and played by immigrants are also included in the festival.

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