World’s First U-shaped Air Conditioner Introduced


Midea Group introduced the world’s first U-shaped air conditioner. U-shaped air conditioners, which are started to be produced, attract attention with their easy installation. We will wait and see how new style air conditioners will respond to consumers.

In the summer, when we are overwhelmed by the heat, we apply to air conditioners. However, the installation processes of the air conditioners we buy turn into a great torture for everyone. Midea Group has developed an air conditioner that completely eliminates installation problems.

The world’s first u-shaped air conditioner, introduced by Midea Group, can be easily placed in windows that open upwards. The part of the air conditioner, which is placed on the sill of the window, allows the temperature of the room to be adjusted, and has an entire structure.

Developed in U shape, the air conditioner is designed to be quieter and consume less energy than conventional air conditioners. The air conditioner is much easier to install than any other air conditioner. The air conditioner, which can be placed on the window sill, can be used after its simple installation.

Midea Group produced its u-shaped air conditioner with the donation campaign it opened on IndieGoGo. The company, which has collected more than $ 1.3 million in budget for U-shaped air conditioners, started collecting the first target of 20,000 dollars more.

The company has now started the production of air conditioners, which it received from IndieGoGo. Midea Group will continue to receive orders through IndieGoGo until March 29. After this date, orders for the u-shaped air conditioner will expire. The company will start delivering air conditioners from the beginning of April.


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