The World’s First Quantum Security Vehicle Revealed at CES 2020


ISARA has integrated the quantum security system it has developed into the Karma Revero GT, thus preventing the vehicle from being intervened even through quantum computers. ISARA’s new technology is unveiled at CES 2020 events.

The developments in CES 2020 activities are not interrupted. Technology manufacturers are introducing the new technologies they produce in succession to each other and thus consumers have the opportunity to see closely what developments are taking place in almost every sector. On the second day of the CES 2020 event, ISARA was one of the companies that took the stage.

ISARA is one of the companies working on quantum security systems and it is able to sign important projects from time to time. Now, ISARA, which brings the latest technology developed to consumers, fascinated technology enthusiasts with its quantum security system integrated into a vehicle called Karma Revero GT. ISARA’s new technology will change the way you look at the future.

Revero GT with ISARA’s quantum security system integrated:

The automobile sector has been undergoing a major change in the last few years. Automobile manufacturers equip their vehicles with today’s technology and make automobiles smarter. Some car manufacturers even provide remote support and software updates to their vehicles. This situation brings with it some problems.

Quantum computers that have just entered our lives are seriously changing the sector. The processes that require very high computing power are easily completed thanks to quantum computers. However, when a quantum computer is used for malicious purposes, it can cause major problems. For example, a quantum computer can exceed the encryption and security systems of systems that automobile manufacturers send wireless updates in just seconds.

Considering such risks, ISARA offers quantum security measures to the vehicles with its new technology. Thus, both automobile manufacturers and consumers are protected against the problems that may be experienced. Scott Totzke, CEO of ISARA, made a statement about the issue and said that as automobiles become more intelligent, data and therefore driver safety is of paramount importance.

The quantum security system that ISARA has added to the Revero GT, an electric motor vehicle, offers a hybrid encryption facility. Performing this work on both the vehicle and the center, ISARA thus eliminates almost all the security risks of quantum systems and successfully provides the cloud connection between the vehicle and the center.

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