World’s First Quantum Phase Super Current Battery Developed


Scientists have developed the first quantum battery in the world by signing an important study. The quantum phase battery developed has the potential to revolutionize quantum technology.

With the increasing wireless technology in the modern age, batteries have become an important part of our daily life. Batteries, which provide the energy needed by all wireless devices, from smartphones to laptops, have also started to occupy an important place in the vehicle industry by using them in electric vehicles in recent years.

The Volta battery, the first battery discovered, succeeded in transforming chemical energy into a form that could power electronic circuits. However, the new battery technology developed offers battery technology far ahead of the Volta battery.

In most of the existing quantum technologies used, circuits or devices use superconducting materials. In such materials, the current can flow without the need for voltage application. Therefore, batteries are not needed in such a system. This current in quantum technologies is called overcurrents because they do not show any energy loss.

Overcurrents are induced not from a voltage, but from the phase difference of the wave function of the quantum circuit directly related to the wave nature of the substance. A quantum device that can provide a permanent phase difference can be seen as a quantum phase cell that induces super currents in the quantum circuit.

In the study, scientists first introduced a theoretical approach that produced the world’s first quantum phase batteries. As a result of the theoretical work that was started to be studied in 2015, a theoretical system with the features required for the creation of quantum phase batteries has been revealed. The system consists of a combination of a superconductor and magnetic materials called spin-orbit matching.

Following the theoretical study, Francesco Giazotto and Elia Strambini from the NEST-CNT Institute determined the combination of materials suitable for the system. The world’s first quantum phase battery was produced with the specified material combination.


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