World’s first quantum communication network established


Today, when it comes to high speed connection, fiber optic cables come to mind. However, studies continue for alternative solutions such as Elon Musk’s StarLink project. China has taken an exciting step in this regard with the world’s first quantum communication network.

Safer and faster internet is possible with quantum communication network

Chinese scientists to provide quantum key distribution at a total distance of 4,600 kilometers for users across the country; He built the world’s first integrated quantum communications network, combining more than 700 ground fiber optics with a two-location satellite link.

The team, led by Jianwei Pan, Yuao Chen, and Chengzhi Peng of the Chinese University of Science and Technology in Hefei, China, notes that this technology, unlike traditional encryption, is non-hackable.

In this context, it is accepted as the future of secure information transfer for banks, electricity networks and other sectors. The essence of quantum communication is quantum key distribution. It uses quantum states of particles to create sequences of 0’s and 1’s.

This sequence or key changes in any listening / intervention attempt, so it is immediately noticed. China’s communication network has been integrated to serve more than 150 industrial users across China, including state, local banks and government websites.

Similarly, it is stated that a global communication network can be established if national quantum networks from different countries come together for the security of important institutions and organizations.


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