World’s First Mobile Phone with a Weight of 1 Kilogram: Motorola DynaTAC


In 1973, Martin Cooper, a Motorola engineer, put forward the ancestor of mobile phones, which are in the hands of everyone today. Let’s take a closer look at what Motorola DynaTAC offers, led by Cooper.

Today, mobile phones integrated into all areas of our lives were used for the first time in our country in the 90s. These devices, which only allow remote search at that time, developed at an incredible rate over the years, and managed to get into the pocket of many people.

Cell phones, which have a not so distant past, now offer us many opportunities from video chat to social media use on a single screen. So what did the first cell phone that was put forward as an idea nearly 50 years ago? Let’s examine the answer to this question together.

1 kilogram mobile phone: Motorola DynaTAC
The first known mobile phone was developed in 1973 by Martin Cooper, one of the engineers of Motorola, one of the leading phone manufacturers. It was undoubtedly a revolutionary technological leap to produce such a device, which is about 1 kilogram in weight, far from the ‘mobile’ phone.

Motorola DynaTAC, which cost $ 3,500 in production at that time, promised about 35 minutes of talk time. The first mobile phone, which can not be considered as functional in today’s conditions, is still regarded as one of the biggest technological breakthroughs of its time, despite its rough appearance. At this point, the phone’s developer Martin Cooper said in an interview in 2015 that he was inspired by a comic book called Dick Tracy for Motorola DynaTAC.

In another interview, Cooper also stated that he could not predict that this device, which he laid the foundations in the 1970s, would become so popular at that time. As a matter of fact, the first prototype released by Cooper succeeded to attract great interest in the sector and the first prototypes of the mobile phone gradually became commercial and entered the market.

Motorola, which became the leader of the mobile phone industry in the following years after the first prototype, failed to hold this power with the wrong decisions. At this point, it is obvious that it is not at all easy to fight giants such as Samsung and Apple, which are currently directing the industry, even though the company is trying to be born again from its ashes.


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