World’s First Methanol Fuel Vehicle: Gumpert Nathalie


Founded by Roland Gumpert, the former director of Audi Sport, a company produced the world’s first methanol fuel vehicle, Gumpert Nathalie. This vehicle, which will be launched in 2021, is worth a small fortune.

Gumpert Nathalie, the latest design of Gumways and Aiways and working with the world’s first methanol, would be showcased for the first time at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show under normal conditions. The features of the vehicle and the technology used were very curious after the event was canceled due to the Corona virus.

Equipped with four electric motors, the engines of the vehicle are positioned under the hood like a normal combustion engine, but are powered by fuel cells that convert methanol into hydrogen. The vehicle, which contains a total 65-liter methanol fuel tank, can be configured with different battery packs depending on the driver’s preference and driving style.

What is methanol and what can Gumpert Nathalie?
First of all, let us state that there are two different methanol fuels, black and green, to be understandable. At this point, black methanol is petroleum-based and is still considered a fossil fuel. On the other hand, Gumpert Nathalie draws its strength from green methanol produced using renewable sources such as biomass.

According to Gumpert, green methanol is synthesized by capturing CO2 in the air and releasing it after energy is used. The water and CO2 that make up this synthesis naturally make green methanol a clean and renewable energy source.

What does Gumpert Nathalie offer?
With four electric motors consuming 300-600 kW of power, this vehicle can produce 536 horsepower. This power allows the vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers in just 2.5 seconds. According to the company, the maximum speed the vehicle can reach is 300 km / h. On the other hand, the vehicle can travel 820 kilometers with a full tank of methanol.

Since the vehicle has an engine that corresponds to each wheel, we can say that it draws four for the vehicle. At this point, the company’s founder, Roland Gumpert, was the director of Audi Sport and was one of the brains behind the German automaker’s famous Quattro all-wheel drive system. That’s why we can say that there is a very solid leader and team behind the vehicle.

How much will Gumpert Nathalie cost?
Gumpert Nathalie, which is a very special tool, will only be 500 according to company explanations. Considering the features and rarity of the vehicle, it can be understood that the price will be a little salty. At this point, the vehicle, whose first deliveries will start in 2021, will be offered with a price tag of 460 thousand dollars.


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