World’s first human fertilization center opens in the US


World’s first human fertilization center opens in the US.

Recompose, the world’s first human fertilization center, will be available in the US in the spring of next year. The aim of the facilities is to achieve a healthier, sustainable and natural decomposition by transforming inanimate bodies into soil as a result of the applied processes.

Preparations for the opening of a strange center began in the United States on the transformation of inanimate bodies into more healthy land after death. Recompose, which we can call the sonrası post-mortem center,, gives human bodies a new option for post-mortem: Fertilization.
Expected to open in Seattle in the spring of 2021, this facility was designed to reconnect human death rituals with nature and provide a more sustainable alternative to traditional grave options. With this method, which is said to be more environmentally friendly, human remains will be transformed into soil in about 30 days and the bodies will help feed new life after death. Thus, a kind of “natural organic reduction” service will be provided.

How does the human fertilization process work?
Recompose, which emerged as an idea in 2016, can optionally give the soil obtained as a result of fertilization to the relatives of the deceased and plants can be grown in this soil. Fertilization of the human body for re-use offers a more natural, safe and sustainable option than burial or incineration. It is also stated that the process also saves a lot of carbon emissions and land use.

As for how it is applied, inanimate bodies are placed in a steel coffin-like structure covered with plants and wood. This part is ventilated to provide a suitable environment for thermophilic bacteria and is allowed to wait 30 days. Ultimately, the body dissolves naturally and becomes fertilizer.

What are the benefits of human fertilization?
Recompose’s official website explains the benefits of this process in a controlled facility as compared to a cemetery: We prevent CO2 emissions from incineration, coffin production, gravestone and shroud production ”.

After Washington Governor Jay Inslee approved this process last May, Washington became the first state to recognize human fertilization. According to the Seattle Times, the law will enter into force on May 1, 2020, and human fertilization will be formally initiated.

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