World’s First Electric Fire Truck Used in Vancouver

The world’s first fully electric fire truck joined Canada’s North Vancouver area fire brigade on Tuesday. The electric vehicle will be used in the training center.

It has been several years since electric vehicles entered our lives. Electric cars, electric vans and buses find themselves in daily use. It was the first time that a fully electric vehicle was received for use by the fire brigade.

The Rosenbauer America team was introducing the concept of the electric van they developed along the western well of the USA. The firm chose the North Vancouver area fire department in Metro Vancouver as the first place where the vehicle would be used on the Canadian tour.

Fire truck manufacturer, assertive in electric models
Rosenbauer is among the major emergency response vehicle manufacturers in the USA. The company produces approximately 800 fire trucks every year. In addition to these vehicles, there are demo fire trucks that can be used in emergency situations, which are mainly used by the company for promotional purposes.

This electric model also visited several departments along the western coast of the USA. The Rosenbauer team has now demonstrated the technical characteristics of the vehicle in Canada. Firefighters from other regions were also involved in the activity at the North Vancouver regional fire brigade.

Although it is not known whether the vehicle will be officially added to the inventory of the regional fire department, seeing an electric fire truck gives information about the potential power of electric vehicles.

Electric fire truck is the product of years of work
We first saw the concept of the electric fire truck in 2017. The company further developed the concept vehicle it introduced that year. The battery life of the vehicle has been extended, thus making it more useful. The vehicle’s special battery technology has also been developed to allow it to charge very quickly. In addition, the need for a gasoline generator was eliminated.

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The fire truck can carry a team of 8 people. Rosenbauer said in a statement in 2017 that the vehicle would be beneficial in reducing carbon emissions, but these models will be sold for the same price as gasoline models.



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