World’s First Cheese Themed Hotel Opens


There are many different hotels around the world that cater to different tastes and needs. The most interesting ones are the hotels which are probably based on a certain theme. One of the most interesting of these thematic hotels opens in London.

There are many hotels in the world with different themes. These thematic hotels with their unique customers include ice hotel, prison themed hotels, Hobbit house themed hotels. However, the most interesting of thematic hotels opens in London, the capital of England.

The world’s first cheese-themed hotel opens in London. The hotel will open its doors to guests on January 29, cheese-themed furniture, wallpapers, cushions, covers will be available. There will even be cheese-based soaps in the bathroom.

Guests can take selfie in front of the hotel’s gigantic cheese facilities. There will be many cheese-themed cooking books at the hotel as the dining option will be self-catering. There will also be cheese delivery services for guests who cannot cook their own meals.

Limited hotel stay
The suite, which will be located in an apartment, was designed by Cafe Rouge to celebrate the new “cheesy” menu. However, the hotel will not continue its activities for a long time and will close its doors on February 6.

Staying in the hotel is limited to 1 night. At the world’s first cheese-themed hotel, guests can donate to the restaurant chain for free. “We constantly want to satisfy our customers’ taste and know that there are people who are really passionate about cheese dishes,” said Jacqueline Fletcher, marketing manager at Cafe Rouge.

Cheese lovers for the cheese-themed hotel that they have established Jacqueline Fletcher, guests can try their own winter meals, he said. So, what do you guys think of this cheese-themed hotel?


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