World’s First Blockchain Call Phone Announces on ‘Block on Block’


World’s First Blockchain Call Phone Announces on ‘Block on Block’

Singapore-based crypto currency company Pundi X, introduced its first smartphone in CES 2020. The company called the “Block on Blok” smartphone is the world’s first Blockhain device, he says.

With the start of the CES 2020 events, technology manufacturers bring their latest products to consumers. CES events, a fair where almost all kinds of technological products were introduced, hosted an important development regarding Blockchain technology which is now one of the technologies of the future. Pundi X, a Singapore-based crypto currency company, introduced the company’s first Blockchain-powered smartphone to consumers.

Pundi X, “Block on Blok” or “BOB” shortly called as the smartphone, the world’s first Blockchain device is launched. In fact, some technology manufacturers have recently developed crypto-supported smartphones, but the Blockchain technology of BOB is a significant difference compared to its peers.

Introducing the world’s first Blockchain supported phone BOB:


Block on Blok is running on an operating system called Function X OS. From time to time, the “f (x)” as the operating system, consumers, provides the highest possible level of security and confidentiality, he says. Pundi X officials said that the operating system used in the BOB includes users in an ecosystem called “Function X”, which means that all calls and messages that users make online will be completely decentralized.

Pundi X officials also made a demo demonstration to better explain the features offered by BOB to consumers. This demo was a voice call made entirely through Blockchain technology. The interview was conducted as part of the security measures of the Function X ecosystem and each data bit was protected with high-level security during the interview. This makes Pundi X the world’s first Blockchain search.

Blok on Blok has a modular structure and consumers can even intervene when necessary. BOB comes out of the box with a special audience; It helps to replace some basic parts such as motherboard, display, camera and speaker. Again, this is one of the actions taken to prevent the privacy and security of consumers.

Pundi X says the world’s first Blockchain-powered smartphone can be purchased as of today. The price of the smartphone that can be purchased from online shopping platforms is determined as 599 dollars. Whether the product can be purchased directly from Bitcoin or Pundi X’s own crypto currency is unknown at this time.

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