World’s first autonomous boat fleet: Roboat project


Artificial intelligence continues to affect every aspect of our lives. The Roboat project, initiated by MIT in recent years, is rapidly progressing to become the first autonomous boat fleet.

World’s first autonomous boat fleet! Here is the MIT Roboat project

The autonomous boat project, which started in 2016, was largely completed in 2018. Ensuring that the boats produced are smarter and more agile, the team continues the Roboat project from where it left off.

MIT Roboat projesi ilk otonom tekne filosu özelliğini taşıyor

Autonomous boats that can navigate on their own in the water, can be used to transport cargo and people and can be connected to each other to form temporary bridges when necessary, can be used in many areas.

The new version, called Roboat II, is 2 meters long and half the planned dimensions. Thanks to its dimensions, people can be transported on a single autonomous boat.

The new model can directly create a route thanks to its Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithm. The device tested on Amsterdam canals completed the task with only 17 cm error margin.

“The autonomous system we developed can be used in other water vehicles in the future,” said Wei Wang, the coordinator of the study. It is an important step for the 4-meter-sized Roboat model, where we are planning to develop a system with accurate mapping, robust control and features suitable for human transportation. ”Used expressions.

In the developed system, boats do not have the ability to move alone. Other boats have the ability to follow autonomously without any communication with the designated leader. In the project, which has come to the end of the planned 5-year period, the targeted version of 4 meters is expected to be completed in the near future.


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