World’s First Augmented Reality T-Shirt


World’s First Augmented Reality T-Shirt. Carlings, a Swedish-based company, has undersigned an unprecedented technological innovation. The company’s ‘The Last Statement’, augmented reality t-shirts, works in harmony with social media applications, and can be used in many designs with a T-shirt. Let’s examine this new technology together.

A new augmented reality T-shirt was introduced to attract technology enthusiasts as well as fashion followers. The ‘The Last Statement t shirt is produced by Swedish-based Carlings.

Designed by an agency called Vitrue, the t-shirt may look like a patternless white t-shirt with the naked eye, but with a smartphone it is possible to see the augmented reality elements positioned on the t-shirt again.

Many designs have been developed for The Last Statement t-shirts:

T-shirts; It is compatible with Instagram and Facebook applications, and users can take advantage of designs for augmented reality t-shirts, just like face filters. The designs that fit perfectly on the T-shirts provide a very natural look in the photographs by adapting to the movements and curves of the fabric.

From December 2019 to January 2020, 20 designs were developed for t-shirts. Carlings presents its product as the world’s first augmented reality T-shirt.

Many different designs can be used with just one T-shirt:

Carlings CEO Ronny Mikalsen argues that thanks to the augmented reality features of the t-shirts, many different designs can be used with just one product, which will be very useful in the long run.

Income from T-shirts will be donated:

The t-shirts were designed by Spark AR and can be accessed from Facebook’s augmented reality platform. Already presented designs address environmental issues as well as gender equality. The logo on the neck of the T-shirt serves as a reference point for Facebook and Instagram to place designs on the T-shirt in proportion.

T-shirt sales are made on the Carlings website. The packaging used in the cargo of T-shirts priced at £ 10 is made from reusable materials. Income from T-shirts is donated to Wateraid, an independent institution. What do you think about augmented reality t-shirts? You can share your thoughts in the comments section.

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