World’s First Artist Supported Artificial Intelligence Music Application Published

AiMi logo in black.

AiMi has released the artificial intelligence music application, supported by the content of leading artists for the first time in the world, in order to provide adaptable music experiences for electronic music fans. The application offers listening pleasure tailored to personal tastes thanks to its advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning features.

With the announcement it made today, AiMi has announced a new app that will excite especially electronic music fans. AiMi’s new music app combines artificial intelligence and leading artists’ content so that electronic music fans can create adaptable music experiences. This application, a first in the world, was being developed by a team of world-class artificial intelligence engineers and musicians for more than a year. AiMi managed to apply artificial intelligence to ‘productive music’ by breaking new ground.

“I was always passionate about electronic music and as a computer engineer it was natural that I wanted to produce a product that embraces artists and listeners at the same time by combining my passion for technology and music,” said Edward Balassanian, who believed that artificial intelligence could be a tool to enrich creativity in their company. Therefore, Balassanian added that it is important for them to create adaptive music experiences by combining the creative artistry of electronic music artists with the power of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence adapting to the taste of each user:

AiMi puts an end to electronic music fans getting around playlists or listening to songs over and over. Users can adjust the music to suit their tastes by pressing the ‘play’ button together with AiMi and listen to music without interruption. Using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning, AiMi can create music tailored to every individual’s taste for hours of listening pleasure.

AiMi will be available on the App Store starting May 26 (today). Electric music fans can listen to 30 minutes of free music daily or use this service for $ 5.99 per month (around $ 40) per month.

AiMi produces music using real rhythms created by real artists through artificial intelligence, rather than artificial intelligence imitating artists like traditional systems. This creates AiMi musical experiences that attract fans, while at the same time giving artists the chance to provide a new tool for creative expression.


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