World’s Fastest Supercomputer Seeks Cure for Covid-19


Supercomputer: Japanese manufacturer Fujitsu has confirmed that the Fugaku supercomputer, currently the most powerful in the world, will be used in an attempt to find a cure for covid-19.

The project will be overseen by the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST) and the University of Tokyo and, if successful, could help create a drug at the molecular level.

in search of hope

Developed in partnership with Riken, Fugaku will conduct studies to identify “inhibitory components” that may be potential drugs against the disease.

The supercomputer’s contribution is to carry out mass calculations to run models and simulations, compare behaviors and predict the action of substances. If you identify a positive relationship between inhibitors and viral structure, these substances can be further investigated, perhaps resulting in the creation of a long-term drug.

The project began operating this week and should be one of the supercomputer’s priorities until March 2022. Fugaku is already in full operation, with the processing power shared among dozens of selected researchers.

In studies previously carried out with environment simulation models, Fugaku studied the pandemic and brought results on how to reduce the chances of contamination. They involve two well-known tips: wear a mask and prefer ventilated places.


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