World’s Fastest Supercomputer Created to Combat Coronavirus


Studies are carried out in many parts of the world to combat coronavirus, which continues to spread and take life all over the world. In one of these studies, the world’s fastest supercomputer was created with the participation of volunteers.

The coronavirus, which has influenced the whole world, has infected more than 2 million people worldwide and caused more than 129 thousand people to die. Scientists and researchers continue to work in many parts of the world to find a cure for the virus.

It’s not just scientists or academics who work to find a solution to the virus. Volunteers created the fastest supercomputer in the world by “lending” their computers in their spare time to fold down proteins, a method that can be highly effective in the fight against coronavirus.

Fight against coronavirus with the world’s fastest supercomputer:
According to Folding @ Home, which organized the study, the combined network power managed to pass 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 or 1 exaflop transaction per second on 25 March. This supercomputer, created by volunteers, has doubled IBM Summit, which is currently the fastest supercomputer in the world and used for scientific research.

This super computer, created by volunteers, broke its own record on Monday and reached 2.4 exaflop. This speed, achieved thanks to 1 million new members joining the volunteers, is even faster than the sum of the 500 fastest super computers in the world.

So what is done on the fastest supercomputer in the world? Volunteers are installing software on their computers at home; he then performs some tasks to help determine the physical structure of proteins.

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New task from Folding @ Home:
The Folding @ Home organization announced a new set of tasks related to COVID-19 in March. In these new missions, participants are working on mimicking protein dynamics. In this way, it is aimed to develop drugs that can be used to combat COVID-19.

Moreover, this initiative has already begun to bear fruit. Greg Bowman, one of the researchers coordinating the intervention, said one of the studies focused on the spike protein the virus uses to enter human cells. Bowman says that every step taken on this path can be potential treatment.

If you want to help scientists and researchers in this fight against coronavirus, you can go to Folding @ Home’s website and get more detailed information and become part of this supercomputer.


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