World’s fastest Internet record has been equalized


It has three university titles for the fastest internet in the world. The value, which has been recorded as the highest speed ever achieved, has been recorded in Australia. In fact, the average speed is low across Australia, but three universities managed to establish the fastest internet connection.

Internet speeds of countries are always wondered. High internet speeds allow data to be transmitted more quickly and save time. Therefore, high speeds are located in data centers rather than home and mobile devices.

The fastest internet in the world is in Australia
Australian experts who study have managed to achieve the highest internet speed in the connection between Monash, Swinburne and RMIT universities. It is said that thanks to the speed obtained, thousands of movies with FULL HD can be downloaded in less than 1 second. This shows us how high the speed reached is.

The highest speed reached as a result of the studies was recorded as 44.2 Tbps. At this speed, 5.5 TB / s data transfer can be made. Considering that 24 Mbps, which is the most used speed at home today, transfers data with 3 MB / s, the magnitude of the speed reached is understood.

An example of speeds and downloads is 16 Mbps to 2 MB / s, 35 Mbps to 4.3 MB / s, 50 Mbps to 6.25 MB / s, 75 Mbps to 9.3 MB / s, and 100 Mbps to 12.5 MB / s. speed can be reached. How many MBs can you download per second with the internet speed you use?


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