World’s Most Expensive Cities List Announced

Germany-based research company Statista has announced the most expensive cities in the world. At the top of the list is Singapore, which is the model with the new type of coronavirus outbreak against COVID-19, followed by Hong Kong and Osaka, respectively.

Compiling economic data and official statistics, Statista shared the list of “World’s Most Expensive Cities”, which it traditionally prepares every year. Singapore, with a population of 5.6 million, was at the top of the list prepared according to the prices of 160 different products such as food, beverage, clothing and cleaning materials in different cities of the world. While Hong Kong was on the second level, another Asian city followed by Osaka.

On the other hand, Statista’s research was carried out before the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, which affected the whole world. As you know, the virus spread to more than 150 countries to date has caused enormous damage to the global economy. Cities that relied heavily on tourism revenues, including Hong Kong and Singapore, suffered a major financial contraction. Therefore, it can be said that a new list made according to these evaluations may have different results.

Returning to the list again, we see that Paris, which was in the top three last year, fell to 5th place. We can read Osaka’s ranking in the third level as a reflection of the strong performance of the Japanese currency Yen. The two cities in the heart of the US economy, New York and Los Angeles, are the 4th and 9th most expensive cities in the world, respectively. Zurich, the biggest city in Switzerland, is ranked 6th in the list and Tel Aviv in Israel the 7th.

Last month, CEO World, one of the world’s leading business magazines; In his research, taking into account living costs such as rent, food, purchasing power and prices in restaurants, he announced the most expensive country in the world as Switzerland.

The most expensive cities in the world
Hong Kong
new York
Tel aviv
Los Angeles



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