Worlds 2020 League of Legends: LOL World Cup schedule


Complete schedule, crossovers, schedules and results for the 2020 Worlds League of Legends (LoL), which will pit teams like MAD Lions, R7, G2 and more.

The competitive scene of League of Legends has an appointment at Worlds 2020, the exciting competitive tournament that will start from September 25 and that will face some of the most important teams in the world. The championship will take place through different phases and during a period from the aforementioned date to October 31. First it will be the Play-Ins, then the groups and then the quarterfinals, the semifinals and the grand final. The question is, what time will the show start? We break it down below.

Calendar and schedules

  • Play-In Days 1-4 (September 25-28): Starting at 10:00 AM (Spanish peninsular time)
  • Play-In Days 5-6 (from September 29 to 30): from 08:00 (Spanish peninsular time)
  • Groups Days 1-4 (from October 3 to 6): starting at 10:00 (Spanish peninsular time)
  • Groups Days 5-8 (from October 8 to 11): from 10:00 AM (Spanish peninsular time)
  • Quarterfinals (October 15-18): starting at 12:00 (Spanish peninsular time)
  • Semifinal (October 24-25): starting at 12:00 (Spanish peninsular time)
  • Grand finale (October 31): starting at 12:00 (Spanish peninsular time)
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