World trend with Jimin kind words, what did he say?


Jimin, the star singer of BTS shows all his talent in an incredible concert and becomes a world trend.

Park Jimin, the lead vocalist and main dancer of BTS, demonstrates his impact after he was seen using various keywords around the world and impressed various influential acts as well as locals after BTS’s performance at the concert. Tiny Desk (Home) on NPR Music.

After performing “Spring Day”, Jimin, who said “WE MISS YOU ARMY”, ended up trending worldwide on the keyword.

Jimin is trending worldwide for adorable words

Since influential acts, locals, and fans couldn’t stop praising Jimin’s voice, the keyword “JIMINS” was seen to be trending around the world and in several other countries.

The keyword “PARK JIMIN” was also trending in several countries, while the keyword “WE MISS YOU TOO” was trending in the Philippines.

From song to song, Jimin shows the entire world that he is powerful as a vocalist when he makes an impression on influential acts on Twitter.

Vitamin Steenz (award-winning cartoonist), Josh Rogosin (NPR audio engineer), Sacha Judd (CEO of, Samm Alvero (MYXPhilippines VJ), Lenika Cruz (senior editor at The Atlantic) and Dead Oceans (a record label ) were seen mentioned, commented on, and shared on Jimin’s part of the performance on the timeline.

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On top of that, CNN (news-based American pay TV channel) used Jimin-focused videos to report on BTS’s performance for the Tiny Desk Concert.

From the VMAs (the guy in the gray suit) to AGT (the guy in the green jacket), Jimin never fails to impress locals with his talent. Under the video of the concert that was uploaded by NPR Music on YouTube, Jimin once again piqued the interest of the locals as “the blonde in the red flower shirt”.

Fans shared various comments on social media where locals referred to Jimin’s voice as angelic and relaxing.


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