World-shaking coronavirus claim from Trump


US President Donald Trump, who lost the elections, made a striking claim about the coronavirus affecting the world. Trump said that the coronavirus was used as a trump card against him in the elections.

Although it was announced that he lost the elections for his second term in office, US President Donald Trump, who continued to send messages on his Twitter account, targeted the Democratic Party and the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Recalling on Monday that Pfizer announced that the possible new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine was 90 percent effective, he used the following statements:

“The FDA and Democrats did not want me to win with the vaccine, so it appeared 5 days later, not before the election.

If Joe Biden was president, you wouldn’t see the vaccine for another 4 years, nor the FDA would approve it so quickly. The bureaucracy would have destroyed millions of lives. ”

Trump, in his later posts, also included the opinions of people who showed the vaccine as his success, and ended the ‘we will win’ by linking the overlapping messages to the elections.

Trump, who announced his defeat by the EP news agency on Saturday, pretends to be hopeful that all the votes have been counted and their legal protests will result. Although the Republican candidate had said many times before the election that the vaccine would come ‘very soon’, he could not give a clear date.

The good news from the advanced coronavirus vaccine candidate of the German biotechnology company BioNTech, which includes a Turkish scientist among the directors of the US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, came on Monday. The third stage clinical trials of the vaccine candidate named ‘BNT162b2’ started on 27 July. The trials, which 43 thousand 538 people participated in so far, will continue until the final analysis, when clearer data will be obtained.

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