World Record In Electric Car Charging Time!


Electric cars are getting ready to bury another excuse in history. Here is the world’s fastest electric car charging station…


The world’s fastest electric car charging station is getting ready to start service in Europe. In today’s world, where electric cars are becoming more and more common, one of the biggest problems is long charging times. Tesla Supercharger in the USA was at the top in this regard. However, Switzerland-based ABB is changing all the balances with Terra 360.

A new era of fast charging for electric car models with Terra 360

In the fast charging record, previously led by Tesla Supercharger, European ABB takes the flag. Although it does not appear physically yet, the company is assertive about fast charging. Accordingly, with the Terra 360, electric car models become fully charged in just 15 minutes.

Even the Lucid Air Dream Edition, the fastest charging electric car at the moment, can fill its battery by 60 percent in 20 minutes with DC charging stations. The Tesla Supercharger, which is at the top, offers a range of 200 miles, or 321 km, in 15 minutes for electric car models. The Terra 360 fast charging station claims to offer a range of 62 miles (about 100 km) in just 3 minutes. In this sense, Terra 360 will provide great convenience for electric car users who are in a hurry.

The Terra 360 fast charging station can charge four cars at the same time without sacrificing electric current speed. ABB’s fast charging station will appear in Europe at the end of the year. At the moment, it has not been revealed in which country it will open.

These new fast charging stations seek to expand to the US, Latin America and Asia by 2022.

Terra 360 promises a full battery in 15 minutes.

Fast charging is vital for electric car models. In recent years, the electric market has grown considerably, especially in the USA, Europe and China.


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