World of Warships: Godzilla vs. Includes items from Kong


World of Warships, famous online game of sea battles, will receive several contents of the film Godzilla vs. Kong. The action is a partnership between the companies Wargaming, Legendary Entertainment and Toho Co, Ltd., and will give players items based on the feature. In addition, the creatures will be introduced on board their individual ships and made available as playable commanders.

The action will make available movie-themed camouflages, coats of arms, flags and other content. They will be available in the game during the promotional campaign, which will start in late May. Godzilla vs. Kong will hit theaters in Brazil on April 8.

Representing Team Godzilla, wearing blue and weighing 41,217 tons, is the Japanese battleship Amagi. And representing Time Kong and weighing 37,484 tons, is the ship USS North Carolina. Both teams will come with exclusive permanent camouflages inspired by the film, but also with their own consumable paintings, coats of arms, flags and more.

On consoles, World of Warship: Legends players who choose Godzilla will have a unique battleship by the name of Heat Ray, while Kong fans will have a great counterpart in Primal, an battleship that represents the creature’s power. Everything will be offered together with the accompanying commanders, consumable camouflages, coats of arms, flags and other items.

This is not the first game to receive movie content. In a surprising action, PUBG Mobile also announced a partnership in celebration of the game’s third anniversary, which will bring a new mode to the game, in addition to items based on Godzilla vs. Kong.


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