World of Warcraft: Ysera’s Possible Return to Dragonfly could be Costly


World of Warcraft has just started alpha testing of its latest zone in Dragonflight, which means that most of the expansion data is within the reach of dataminers. New information discovered by fans of World of Warcraft hints that the return of a favorite character may occur at the expense of another. Warning: Below are the spoilers of the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight add-on.

Ysera is a former Aspect of the Green Dragons in World of Warcraft. Although she died during the events of Legion, she returned to Shadowlands, although she was connected to the afterlife kingdom of Ardenveld. However, the evidence suggests that Ysera will almost certainly return to World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

In the Shadowlands update 9.2.5, Ysera suggested that her return to Azeroth would be expensive, and a newly discovered dialogue confirms this fact. The conversation takes place between a certain incarnation of Ysera, Tyrande Rustle of the Wind, and her husband, Malfurion Fury of the Storm. During the conversation, Malfurion reveals that the price of Ysera’s return is himself: by swapping places with Ysera, she can return to Azeroth to lead a pack of green dragons. Although initially Tyrande was adamant against this decision, in the end she gives in to her husband’s sacrifice.

It is important to emphasize that this dialog was extracted from the alpha version of Dragonflight – it did not even appear on the alpha servers. Without the context before and after this happens, players can’t be sure where, when, or even if these events will happen, and if so, how things might change before the release. Everything in the alpha version of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is still subject to change, and this exchange has not even reached the alpha version yet.

However, there is a huge amount of evidence that Ysera will return to Dragonflight. Ysera appears in the icon pack for the Dragon Pack Collectible Set, and is also depicted along with the Wrathion and other Aspects on the expansion’s loading screen. In addition, weapon models, tooltips, and other files that suggest her return were also obtained from Dragonflight data.

Fans are unhappy with this development in Dragonflight. In recent years, the night elves of World of Warcraft have suffered greatly, primarily due to the burning of Teldrassil. Depriving them of Malfurion, one of their main leaders, was another blow to the growing list of losses. Although fans love Ysera, most would rather have her daughter Meritra assume the mantle of the Green Aspect than have Ysera return at such a high price. Until the official launch of Dragonflight, players will not know for sure what the fate of Ysera, Malfurion and the night elves will actually be.

World of Warcraft is already available on PC. The Dragonflight expansion is due out later this year.


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