World of Warcraft Shadowlands gets a new date


A few weeks ago Blizzard reported that Shadowlands, the newest expansion of its epic MMORPG World of Warcraft, would need to be delayed without a set release date. Today, Blizz has brought good news to fans and we will be able to explore the afterlife on November 23!

To celebrate the announcement, a new teaser trailer full of familiar faces was also released, with the right to the usual dubbing. Check out:

According to the producer, the postponement was necessary to finish polishing the title based on the feedback sent by the players during the Beta (which we have already tested, as you can see here), making fine adjustments to ensure that life after death in Azeroth was as neat and fun as possible!

In addition, more Shadowlands-related content has also been confirmed: on November 10 the Scourge invades Azeroth, and the heroes must face the Undead Scourge in a pre-expansion event. On December 8, the Nathria Castle Gates open, with the first epic attack by 10 bosses and the start of the raid and Series 1 expansion

Are you looking forward to getting your hands on the eighth expansion of World of Warcraft? Will you enjoy the game with new prices and promotions in reais? Comment below!

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