World of Warcraft: Popular Hearthstone Villain May Appear in Dragonflight


World of Warcraft has recently started alpha testing Dragonflight, which means that extension files are now available for data collection. Looking through the World of Warcraft files in search of models and hints, fans found a model of the infamous Hearthstone character with an interesting connection with dragons.

Raphael is an Ethereal, one of the mysterious energy beings from World of Warcraft who travel through the multiverse in search of trade and relics. Since his first appearance in Hearthstone during the Explorers League adventure, Raphael has appeared several times as a recurring villain in several add-ons.

However, Raphael is an original Hearthstone character and has not yet appeared in World of Warcraft. Curiously, the previous appearance of Raphael during the Onslaught of Dragons supplement showed that he and his E.V.I.L. cohorts resurrect Galacrond, a huge proto-dragon opponent that the Dragon Aspects faced in the history of World of Warcraft. There have been several hints that Galacrond might return to Dragonflight. Given their shared history in Hearthstone, it’s possible that Raphael may also be involved in his eventual return to World of Warcraft.

Over the years, Raphael has been known by many titles: Supreme Archaeologist, Archivist, Arch-Villain, One Evil. The mastermind reappears in the addition “Murder in Nafria Castle” for Hearthstone with a new title — the King of Demons. Raphael is one of the legendary Warlock cards in the Shadowlands themed set, where he is a suspect in the murder case of Ser Denatrius.

Hearthstone fans are looking forward to seeing what jokes Raphael will get into in World of Warcraft. As a comedic supervillain who is equally competent and incompetent, he could deliver a bit of pleasant Dragonflight levity. Alternatively, World of Warcraft may take the villain a little more seriously and use him as a legitimate threat, especially if he works with famous World of Warcraft villains such as the Endless Dragon Pack to achieve his goals. With an arsenal of powerful relics collected over the years, from time-controlling devices to superweapons, he can become a serious threat to players.

Some World of Warcraft fans are less excited about the prospect of Raphael in WoW. The potential return of Galacrond could pose a real threat to Azeroth, and many fear that a comedic villain like Raphael could spoil the mood. Many fans are also disappointed with the resulting model, as it lacks many of Raphael’s most distinctive features, such as his red eyes or imposing silhouette. However, before the launch of Dragonflight, players can only guess whether Raphael will appear in the game or the model will change earlier.

World of Warcraft is already available on PC. The Dragonflight expansion is due out later this year.


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