World of Warcraft has free weekend until November 8


Preparing players for the launch of the new Shadowlands expansion, which will take place on November 23, Blizzard announced today that its popular MMORPG World of Warcraft will be available to play for a free weekend!

Until November 8, all players returning to Azeroth will be able to use their characters at any level, which means this is the perfect time to dust your inactive account, as it will have access to all expansions already released, including Battle for Azeroth!

You can find more details on the official national World of Warcraft website. In addition, if you are still learning the path of the stones, you can play the Corner of Exile, a new area connected to the Shadowlands content, which we have already tested in the beta. There, your character can be upgraded quickly to level 20.

Alternatively, if you’ve already reached level 50 with a character in Battle for Azeroth, you can develop other characters in other expansions thanks to the Time Walk Campaigns, a new function that adapts the content of places like Pandaria and Northrend to your character’s level, be it 10 or 50, ensuring a fair balance.

Just talk to Crona, very close to the embassies in Stormwind and Orgrimmar, and then choose which expansion you want to upgrade your character in. To download the game just visit the official website here. Are you going to play this weekend for free? Looking forward to Shadowlands? Comment below!

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