World of Warcraft Content Creators Hand Out Access Codes to Dragonflight Beta Testing


World of Warcraft has just shared social media for dozens of content creators who will be handing out access keys to the Dragonflight beta over the next few weeks. These gifts mark another milestone on the way to the upcoming release of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight before the end of the year.

In early September, World of Warcraft began the beta testing phase of Dragonflight. Every week since then, he has invited more and more players to access the beta version, which has gradually added more Dragonflight content to the client for testing.

This recent promotion gives access to the beta version into the hands of World of Warcraft content creators from around the world. Over the next few weeks, these content creators will be holding sweepstakes on Twitch, Twitter, Youtube and other social networks. World of Warcraft has a full list of social media links for the sweepstakes until September 23, although the company has also confirmed that the sweepstakes will continue in the following weeks.

While players are trying to access the Dragonflight beta, they can also check out the Dragonflight pre-update in the World of Warcraft public test game world. Although PTR testing is currently focused on talent trees and UI changes, all World of Warcraft players can access a dedicated server from their client . Players can’t explore Dragon Islands or create Dragon Summoners yet, but access to some of these features may appear over the next few months.

Handing out keys for World of Warcraft beta testing is always exciting. Access to the beta version is mainly provided to lucky players, content creators and members of the press. These gifts allow more players to access the beta testing phase of the game and see what Dragonflight has to offer. Most of the reports on the Dragonflight beta have been positive, and many players have high hopes for the next World of Warcraft expansion.

However, players should be careful as the beta key distribution season begins. No matter how nice it is to hand out keys, some hostile players lose badly if they are not chosen, and this can become a nightmare for chats on social networks and their moderators. Similarly, many predatory groups will use this opportunity to distribute fake beta keys to hack into player accounts or launch other phishing schemes. Fans of World of Warcraft should be careful when participating in these sweepstakes, and be sure to double-check official sources to confirm that the lotteries they participate in are legitimate.

World of Warcraft is already available on PC, and Dragonflight will be released later this year.


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