World Internet instability affects services this Friday


A worldwide instability on the Internet this Friday (19) ended up causing the fall of several online services. Social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, sites like YouTube and even platforms like PIX were affected.

According to Down Detector, in Brazil, the generalized falls started to happen around 14h (Brasília time). Through social networks that were less affected, such as Twitter, people from all over the world made complaints about services on the internet.

Down Detector

Google also showed the flaws. Down Detector notified user complaints mainly from the state of São Paulo.

Even the video game servers went down. In this case, the game Rainbow Six Siege registered difficulties to allow players to enter. The peak of the complaint about the game happened at around 2 pm (Brasília time), when there were already more than 60 notifications of problems.

Abroad, the main ones affected were social networks. WhatsApp and Instagram registered complaints in several corners of the planet about the lack of connectivity.

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