World in Chaos: What Critics Are Saying


Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley star in Mundo em Chaos, the film adaptation of the eponymous book written by Patrick Ness. The author also signs the script alongside Christopher Ford (Spider-Man: Homecoming), while Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity) is responsible for the direction.

The film shows a rare and dangerous infection that caused the death of all women and made men’s thoughts audible in what is known as Noise. However, with the appearance of a girl and the discovery of a terrible secret, young Todd Hewitt [Holland] is forced to flee before it is too late.

Below you can see what the critics are saying about the film, which opens on March 5.

THR – David Rooney

The film has a hint of the intense chase action that Doug Liman choreographed so vigorously in The Bourne Identity, and takes the director back to a futuristic setting, as in No Limit of Tomorrow. But something essential was missing this time. Characters are not engaging, emotional bets never fully take over, and physical action invariably promises more than delivery. And the main weakness is the adaptation of Christopher Ford and Ness, which lacks the most subtle nuances.

IGN – Tom Jorgensen

Mundo em Chaos doesn’t even come close to taking advantage of its talented cast or the Noise that plagues the men of its world. Worst of all, Noise is rarely used effectively to promote the film’s story or themes. Of course, the film has interesting discussions like personal autonomy and toxic masculinity, but as Viola [Daisy Ridley] is the only character in the film who is not used to the Noise and is concerned with his mission, Mundo em Chaos rarely finds a reason to stop and have in-depth discussions on these topics. Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley could have been an attractive pair, but they did not have a creative team capable of deciding what the focus of the film should be. Meanwhile, Liman seems content to move on to the next chase or fight scene, instead of stopping to explore the conflicts that the Noise causes Todd.


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