World Health Organization: Play Games to Stop the Outbreak


In a statement made by the World Health Organization, it was stated that one of the effective methods that can be used to stop the Corona virus epidemic is playing games. The World Health Organization recommended playing games.

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, life has stopped in a significant part of the world. States and international organizations are doing their best to stop the spread of the virus.

One of the leaders in the fight against coronavirus worldwide is the World Health Organization. WHO showed how to play as an effective method in combating coronavirus.

Stay home, play games
The World Health Organization recognized game addiction as an official disease in 2018. At that time, this decision was a big controversy and received intense reaction from the players. Now, playing games is offered as a recommendation by WHO.

One of the most important things to combat the coronavirus outbreak is shown as people isolating themselves as much as possible and resorting to quarantine practices. As this quarantine process lengthens, it becomes harder to deal with stress. People turn to games to deal with stress and spend time.

Playing together separately

18 companies serving video games, including Activision Blizzard and Twitch, have launched a campaign called #PlayApartTogether to enable people to socialize by playing games at home.

The World Health Organization is among those who support the campaign. The organization’s global strategy ambassador, Ray Chambers, also posted a message on Twitter. He emphasized once again the importance of social distance in his message.

“We are at a critical moment in determining the results of this pandemic. The gaming industry firms have a global audience – we encourage everyone to #PlayTogetherApart. More physical distance + other measures will help bend the curve + save lives. ”

In June 2018, game addiction was officially identified as a disease by WHO. The extraordinary situation we are in seems to have softened the organization’s outlook on games. Staying home and playing can help stop the outbreak.


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