World Health Organization Opens TikTok Account to Combat Corona Virus


The World Health Organization, which has conducted many efforts to combat the Corona virus, opened a TikTok account to prevent the spread of false information on the Internet. In the first video shared, the measures to be taken to protect people from the virus were mentioned.

The World Health Organization, which is affiliated with the United Nations, announced that they have raised the threat of Corona virus, which appeared in late 2019 and continues to spread all over the world, from ‘high’ as ​​of yesterday. The organization, which continues its efforts to prevent the spread of the virus, has now opened a TikTok account to prevent false information about the epidemic.

In the first video shared by WHO, Benedetta Allegranzi, the technical leader of infection prevention and control, talked about the measures people can take to protect it from the new Corona virus, and referenced the organization’s official website for additional information. In the explanation part of the first video shared, the note “We join TikTok to provide you with reliable and timely public health advice” was shared.

Thousands of videos with false information are circulating in TikTok:
TikTok, one of the most popular video sharing applications of recent times, has been filled with false information about Corona virus for a while, and some users have been sharing videos as if they were infected with Corona virus. These videos, which are at least as dangerous as the virus, can cause people to be scared and misinformed. You can watch the first TikTok video shared by WHO, or you can also watch it by clicking this link.

At the last point of today’s technology, many people can threaten public health by sharing videos that they have been diagnosed with Covid-19 just for more monitoring. In this regard, the World Health Organization is not the first major global organization to directly join TikTok for the ongoing epidemic. Both Unicef ​​and Red Cross; rumors began to share videos to combat provoking videos and myths.

Currently, many internet giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter are citing official sources for search results related to the Corona virus. At this point, TikTok directs users searching for virus-related content to the official website of WHO and states that provocative videos were removed as soon as they were detected.